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Sustainability Now is engaged in the exploration and proliferation of cutting edge sustainable technologies that solve planetary problems related to food, energy, housing, water, waste, health, economics and consciousness.
with Host Mira Rubin and Producer Scott Bille

Apr 4, 2021

Co-founders of Possible Planet, Jonathan Cloud and Victoria Zelin are on a mission to finance the transition to a regenerative future by creating strategies to attract capital and investment in clean energy.
Today's conversation is about PACE, (Property Assessed Clean Energy) — a source of financing that:

Mar 21, 2021

What if we could use open-source software development principles to reverse climate change?
That is exactly what Chris Neidl and The Open Air Collective has done through their Direct Air Carbon Capture (DACC) projects and their leadership in crafting the New York State Low Embodied Carbon Concrete Leadership Act...

Mar 7, 2021

Featuring Tim Paganos, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of

Smart buildings are good right? Adjusting room temperature and lighting based on patterns of use is more efficient, uses less resources and is therefore more sustainable. Collecting more detailed data enables greater refinement of systems...

Feb 13, 2021

Starting with the reinstatement of the 1942 Articles of Incorporation for the Kentucky Hemp Growers Association and then inspiring the planting of three feral hemp seeds by Woody Harrelson in the 90's, Joe Hickey has been a primary force behind the legalization of industrial hemp.

Despite being a nearly magical plant...

Jan 31, 2021

Director of the documentary film “At War with the Dinosaurs,” John Michael Parkan is a hydrogen energy evangelist extolling the virtues and promise of a burgeoning hydrogen economy. Hydrogen is the third most abundant element on earth and is a sustainable green-energy alternative to fossil fuels that has been...