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Sustainability Now is engaged in the exploration and proliferation of cutting edge sustainable technologies that solve planetary problems related to food, energy, housing, water, waste, health, economics and consciousness.
with Host Mira Rubin and Producer Scott Bille

Jul 19, 2020

Join us for an informative interview with Cameron McIntosh, president and founder of Americhanvre Cast Hemp. We’ll discuss hempcrete — an amazing building material that is carbon sequestering, fireproof, non-toxic, soundproof, and resistant to mold, rot, mildew and pests. Hempcrete construction can also save up to 60% of the heating and cooling costs vs. traditional construction.

Cameron sits on the board of the US Hemp Building Association, co-hosts the Hemp Entrepreneur podcast and is the Hemp Local Supply Chain Committee Coordinator for All Together Now PA which aims to unite rural and urban communities via local self-reliance and support of local businesses across a variety of sectors, including plant medicine, local food, zero waste and hemp.

We'll also discuss the first residential spray application of hempcrete in the US along with its benefits and the challenges that the industry faces. Resources and more info from this interview are available at