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Sustainability Now is engaged in the exploration and proliferation of cutting edge sustainable technologies that solve planetary problems related to food, energy, housing, water, waste, health, economics and consciousness.
with Host Mira Rubin and Producer Scott Bille

Nov 8, 2020

Meet Colin McIntosh, Founder and irreverent CEO of Sheets & Giggles, a fast-growing brand in the $12B US bedding space. Colin's motto is, "Do good, have fun, make money — in that order. And he does!

Colin shares his entrepreneurial insights: the business criteria that lead him to the bed linen space, marketing...

Oct 13, 2020

Eco-visionary Brian Hicks couldn’t stand sending the hundreds of thousands of pounds of spent coffee grounds from his and other restaurants to landfill, so he started a business called GroundSteam to collect and convert them to compost instead.

Building on his success, Brian has since expanded his service to divert...

Sep 24, 2020

Tim Tan of Affordable Abodes is tackling the low-cost housing crisis in Indonesia and Malaysia with modular, kenafcrete houses.

Kenaf is a plant much like hemp in its versatility with thousands of uses, one of which is as the primary ingredient in an eco-concrete-style construction material called kenafcrete. Affordable...

Sep 2, 2020

Zen Honeycutt is unstoppable. Founder of Moms Across America, Zen is a champion for local activism, and an inspirational example of the indomitable power available when we stand up, speak up and take action.

She’s gone toe-to-toe with Monsanto in a campaign to educate the public to the extreme dangers of glyphosate...

Aug 16, 2020

Join us for an exploration of microbial magic with Dr. Christo Miliotis, eco-entrepreneur and microorganism enthusiast. From gut & soil health to delectable foods, pest & weed control to hydrogen gas, learn how microbes are the key to a thriving future. A renaissance man whose passion for microbes has led him from...